Doctors in the Loop

About Us

We are an annotation company specializing in medical AI projects, part of the social enterprise group Humans in the Loop 

Our mission is to provide employment to conflict-affected medical professionals

We operate across the world in countries such as Bulgaria, Ukraine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and we support refugees and conflict-affected individuals through upskilling and paid digital work opportunities. We created Doctors in the Loop in order to connect doctors, nurses, and medical students to AI projects where they can apply their valuable skills.


Completed projects


Medical annotators

Our group

We work through the following three entities in order to accomplish our mission to provide livelihoods to displaced and conflict-affected individuals

Doctors in the Loop logo

Through Doctors in the Loop, we deliver services specifically for the Medical AI industry

Humans in the Loop logo

Through Humans in the Loop, we deliver human input for AI for all other computer vision use cases

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Through the Humans in the Loop Foundation, we provide upskilling trainings and career support

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