Doctors in the Loop

Medical AI annotation by professionals

Our Doctors in the Loop provide annotation services for medical data, including X-rays, MRI and CT scans, microscopic imagery, ultrasound videos, and other 2D, 3D and video data

Our Lab Certification

Any type of medical labeling you need

From bounding boxes and polygons to precise semantic and instance segmentation, we have your back

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Bounding boxes
Semantic segmentation

Certified medical professionals for your AI project

We have a global workforce of medical annotators coming from conflict-affected and displaced communities in different locations globally. Some of the available specialties include:

Types of datasets

We have been working in the data annotation field for 5 years and we have expertise with different medical annotation tools, formats, and imagery modalities


2D images

From X-rays to pathology images, we are able to annotate any 2D modality, no matter what size


3D images

We support both MRI and CT scan labeling in 3D, using different tools for automation and optimization



We perform full segmentation on ultrasound videos, surgery recordings, and colonoscopies

Why clients choose us

We are a specialized human-in-the-loop company which provides human input for AI systems. We know how hard it is to find certified medical professionals to train your models and how quickly costs can go out of hand

Social impact

By working with us, you are generating an impact on the lives of conflict-affected and displaced individuals

Certified professionals

We work with qualified medical professionals from a variety of specialties

Custom tooling

For each project, we choose the most suitable labeling platform and automation approach

Global diversity

You get access to a remote team of diverse medical professionals who can all contribute to your project

What Clients Say About Us

We work with academia, large enterprises, and fast growing startups which are all working to advance Artificial Intelligence in the Medical Field

Ethan Shaw
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PointLab Expert Team

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Margaret Anderson

Head of Laboratory Department

Mark Anthony

Senior Pathologist

Samantha Wood

Laboratory Technician

The right annotation team for your medical AI project

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